You think you know the way of the world,
You build your castles of silver and gold,
In the marble tower you proudly stand,
And smile upon your kingdom, your land.

It isn’t so, it isn’t so —
You do not see the unseen foe,
There is no stone to hold your fort,
You have no guns, you have no moat.

They have no need for dagger and gun,
They come with hate, no joy, no fun,
They come to bring you down to the earth,
To snatch your joy and kill your mirth.

They come, they come — do you not see?
This is no place for you to be,
Run my friend! Find a safe spot!
I shall keep them at bay, no matter what!

I see you running, keep going, my friend —
Safety you will find beyond the riverbend.
Until then I will fight these monsters of hate,
Fear not for me! Find haven and wait!

Now that you are gone, I cast off this mask —
For indeed I am finished with my task.
I go up the tower, this kingdom is mine,
The food is exquisite, and so is the wine.

You ask why I lied, maledict me you may —
You know the way of the world you say.
When you saved your self, precious though it be,
Why did you not stay — at least for me?