Come, my darling sit with me,
Where else would you want to be?
It breaks my heart that I made you cry,
But despite it all you know I try.

You’ve been here in this room all day,
All this time, just a touch away —
But there is a wall between us now
I’d break it down if I only knew how.

Perhaps that tear-drop left a trace
As it slid down silent upon your face,
A moment’s hurt, an agonized look —
What price to give back what I took?

My heart stood still as I saw your pain,
Will anything ever be the same again?
Maybe tomorrow will wash this clear,
Maybe we’ll not have to come back here?

The moments pass and the memories fade,
Though words can seldom be unmade;
Behind that smile I watched you cry,
But darling, my love, you know I try.