The Missing Coffee Shop

We stayed the weekend in New York City at the Radisson Martinique Hotel on Broadway. On Sunday, the day we were heading back to Seattle, we decided to find a coffee shop close by to get breakfast and pass some time. After a quick detour to buy a comfortable pair of shoes – that had nothing to do with breakfast – we tried to locate this place called ‘Gregorys Coffee’, which was well-rated online.

Alas! Gregorys was not to be found. Certainly, it was supposed to be on the corner of W 31st St and 6th Ave, but perhaps Google Maps was wrong? Had they closed shop and left? We walked up and down the street several times, and I would have been persuaded of a mistake if it weren’t for the fact that I actually recalled seeing the name just a few minutes earlier in big bold lettering, as we were making our way to the shoe shop.

It was a complete mystery…until I realized that we had been walking on the wrong street. We had been looking for the place on Broadway instead of 6th Ave! And that’s how the case was finally solved.

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