Dream Memories

I had better write this down quickly lest I forget. It begins with the fact that I had a dream last night. When I woke up, I had a realization: if you think of the brain as a computer, while I am dreaming my computational part is still behaving “normally”, but my memory access is all messed up.

In my dream, for some reason, I am going to get a lift from a person A – don’t remember why – perhaps in a fancy car. When the person shows up, I realize that it is in fact an old acquaintance of mine with the same name A. It is, in fact, a common name, so I am pleasantly surprised learning of the co-incidence. He arrives in a fancy car, as promised, and I get in. We start chatting, and I ask if he is still in Seattle, or has moved to San Francisco. [Dreams don’t have conversations per se, so all of this was mostly a silent exercise in memory recall, despite the fact that I imagined I was talking to him. Either way, he didn’t respond to me (how rude!).] But after a few seconds, I recall quite clearly that he had, in fact, moved to San Francisco a few years ago. [You get that ‘Aha!’ feeling when clarity hits you.]

I am reading a book on measuring things (anything, in fact) that wisely suggests that one should start with what they know, rather than not seek out measurement because of all the things they don’t. In my unscientific analysis, it feels like my brain is taking the things I know (the memory bits), shuffling them around, and then feeding them to the processing unit to see what happens. Because why not? As Mr. Spock would say, “Fascinating!”

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