Late Night Discovery

When you’ve lived in a place for over a decade, it starts to seem familiar. In reality, you may have only walked upon a hundredth of its parts, but you could still look upon the Quamiequitch freeway exit and think of it as an old friend – never mind that you’ve never taken it. Familiarity is superficial, but sometimes you discover things in familiar places that reminds you of how fragile your knowledge really is.

Last night, as we were walking down Pine Street towards the market, I noticed the large neon sign visible from a few blocks away and I asked – don’t we usually see this sign from the adjacent Pike Street? After some debate, we confirmed a mind-blowing hypothesis – there are, in fact, two different signs in the area; all these years I had assumed there was just one.

Here they are – Pike Street on the left, Pine Street on the right:

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