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Defying Logic

I am sitting here at the international airport in Mumbai. The free wireless connection I get here is only valid for 30 minutes (clearly, the inter-tubes are a valuable resource to be rationed), so I'd better make it quick.

I bought some chocolates at the Duty Free shop. Normally, I wouldn't have, but today I wanted to pick up some for Halloween. Three bags of Toblerones, and a box of chocolates. Unfortunately, said the lady at the counter, she couldn't sell me the box of chocolates because according to the system, there was no inventory available. That's right, the box of chocolates in front of us was a wonderful illusion. I stared at her incredulously and said I guess I wouldn't buy the box of chocolates then? (Wait, were there any other answers possible?)

I had some time on my hands, so I asked her if they had a feedback form that I could submit. She directed me to someone who directed me to an iPad (modern technology!) running a feedback app. The app was not ready for use, so yet another guy had to come over and enter some credentials. How do you give feedback on the feedback mechanism itself?

I started typing in my feedback, explaining how I wasn't able to buy the box of chocolates on display, and how I had to jump through hoops to submit feedback. In the back of my mind, I wondered if there would be a real person reading this feedback, empathizing with my pain and resolving to do better.

"Get your act together!", I barked into the feedback form.

Before I could hit 'Submit', the app crashed.

Time to catch my flight.