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Traveling is fun because you notice a lot of new things. It is a lot like taking a different route to work every day. Of course, Anu keeps asking me why I don't pick the fastest route to work and stick to it, but what would be the wonder and excitement in that? I live for the trivial pleasures. Anyway - I highly recommend travel.

In Seattle airport, Amazon Web Services (AWS) appears to have stepped up its advertising. Several large posters hung in the airport as people waited to get through security. Strategically placed to kill boredom?

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Long flights usually offer picturesque views of the sky above the clouds, particularly impressive if you catch the dawn. Unfortunately, I have never been on a flight where the crew was friendly enough to open up the windows and to allow us to gaze, unfettered, at the outside. Seriously, what is up with that?

When we finally came to a complete halt in Amsterdam, flight information on my screen told me that we were still moving at 4km/hr. Hmmmm...I certainly hope the pilot and crew have less buggy versions of instrumentation!


You know what, when an airplane takes a full twenty minutes on the ground to taxi to its halting position, you gotta ask the pilot - couldn't you have simply landed at the right spot? Sheesh!

I think staring intently at a map is a great way to learn geography. Today, I realized a few things:

  • Did you know that London is at a higher latitude than Seattle? You probably did. But did you also know that Berlin is further North to London? Moscow is way more North than both of these.

  • Did you realize that the Southern tip of the African continent is significantly North of the Southern tip of South America? South America almost touches the Antarctic continent, whereas there is a lot of extra ocean to the South of Cape Town. Incidentally, Sydney and New Zealand are at about the same latitude as Cape Town.

  • Did you know that the Alps - those snow-covered mountains near Switzerland - are at about the same latitude as Seattle?

  • Did you notice that the Hawaiian islands are almost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean between Asia and North America? Not quite enough to the West to be at the center, but pretty close.